The boundaries
Goryanka is an ethno brand that discovers the cultural values of the Gutsul people to the world and their original traditions
«I was born in the picturesque Ukrainian Carpathians, surrounded by the greenery of mountain forests and blue lakes, where an original, unique and talented people — the Gutsuls live.
Galyna Laiuk
Creator of the GORYANKA brand
I was growing up with brave people, living by their own rules, independent, at the same time having good nature, cordiality, able to enjoy life and see all the beauty of this world.
Since my early childhood, I have been learning the traditional arts and crafts, rituals and customs of the Gutsul region, which have survived to the present.
Since childhood, I have seen women proudly wearing bright, elegant clothes created with their own hands.
The ornaments on clothes hid forest legends, which are as mysterious as our people — the Gutsuls
In my GORYANKA brand, I create clothes, accessories and home decor, inspired by my roots, national clothes and Gutsul outfits, lavishly decorated with embroidery.
Via brand, I share the history of my people, their identity and resilience, because even within many centuries the Gutsuls managed to save their traditions and customs.
I am open to cooperation and your suggestions
Being very proud of my Motherland
I want the whole world to know about it!»